About us

Our esteemed institution established in the year 2005 bears the name of Swami Vivekanandha the great son of India. Our mission is to provide knowledge, intelligence, spirituality and leadership qualities to every student. 'Vivekananda' aims at moral education and developing good character in students. We believe that the real challenge in life is not just getting what we want, but continuing what we have.

Students of this institution get the education which enables them acquire the knowledge and intelligence to conquer the lower impulses, to understand the society around and to live a socially healthy life with others.

At Vivekanandha, we monitor global trends in teacher education with our faculty to understand how the system should perform. This is not an academic exercise. It is more than an appetite for information. Physical education finds a prime place in the curriculum since it plays a vital role.

The trainees of our college get overall formation and exposure to get along with the day to day life. Our trainees excels both in academic and non – academic performance, through meticulous training rendered by our committed team of staff members.

Vivekanandha College of Education - Puducherry